First Embrace

First Embrace

My hand on her Navy jacket,
was kindled in an instant.
Spinning in her warm glow,
she sparkled in the twilight.

Her smile was a revelation,
a promise of a new year,
a joyous Christmas gift,
a spring of white light.

When she spoke I could not hear.
Our words disappeared in the sun’s final blush.
I saw myself walking, but my mind still held her
in those rose sweet clouds that linger at sunset.

I stepped over red cobblestones
and street curbs that melted away.
My heart turned to liquid kindness,
I watched over my shoulder
as her silhouette faded
into a shadow.

About dknigh16

I'm from Minnesota where all the women are strong, the men are gooding and all the children are above average. I am an English writing major who dabbles in poetry and fiction.

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