What do I Find Meaningful in Life by Christopher Combs

What do I find meaningful?  What do you find meaningful?  What is the definition of meaningful to you?

Is meaningful a moment of happiness that may last for a couple laps, and end up crash burning as it couldn’t squeeze through the gap-

Do meaningful things consist of joy and pains, struggle and strains as the outcomes leave us confused…I thought that meant something, but yet it didn’t, or did it, I really don’t know- Chaotic flows of information, quiet as kept, keeps me amused-

Good experiences= meaningful…Bad experiences= meaningful…Is there a lesson learned, is there an example given…Or simply just instances that occur with nothing to gain to enhance our brains.

Does life dictate what is and what’s not meaningful, maybe man’s carnal society that endeavors to rule all things, control all aspects of mankind, despite the supposed freedom of choice.  Why can’t we hear your voice? Why you say, because voice breaks through oppression, enabling “you” to declare what is meaningful to you in your life…

As for me…The things that are, or can be eternal, meaning forever.  Like love caring relationships, through the storms and tornado whips, not those Kodak developed clips that last as long as movie trailer snips.

But those pieces of rare artwork embedded on this life of canvas, spread out to every corner and crevice, consuming my entire atmosphere as I toast to these memorial events in indulgent sips.

Realizing who I am, where I came from, where I am now, how I got here, who helped me along the way, what did it take to clear the fogginess of my mind, did I learn something along the way, where am I going next?     Walking in my destiny. That’s what I find meaningful in My Life…

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