Reason to be excited!

Hello Metrosphere Vol. 30 Submitters,


We have reached the due date for the 2012 publication and have some great results to report to you:


• We have counted 210+ submissions for this issue!

• Our judges are working their way through all of the submissions — congratulations to you, they have many hard choices to make!

• Cecily Cullen, the Assistant Director and curator at the CVA will be featured as a judge for the 2012 Art submissions!

• Production work for the 2012 is under-way. Peep the spreads below to get a taste of what is to come.

(***NOTE: We have not yet approved the work featured in the image below. It is only being used as a standard for maximum length submissions and lay-out of the print publication. You will be notified of the acceptance/rejection of your submission through email. Also, if we do not have your 900#, email or telephone number, please send that information to us ASAP—either thru the Metrosphere site or email it to Thank you for all of your hard work and creativity, you have quite a lot to be proud of!)



Best of Luck,


Kyle Jordan Reder

Editor-in-Chief, Metrosphere Vol. 30

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