Staff Bios


Sal Christ
Sal Christ is a writer and former filmmaker who spent much of her childhood traversing the rugged outskirts of Fairplay, Colorado. She is the editor of the novel, Evil is Good, by Denver filmmaker and artist, Jon Schultz, and her work has appeared in various publications including 303 Magazine and Colorado Music Buzz. She is not a fan of insolent noise.

David Alvarado
Assistant Editor
David is a MSU Denver alum who majored in communication design. He is passionate about art, design and culture. He has also worked as a kennel technician for the past 8 years so he knows a lot about dogs! With his degree he hopes to continue creating beautiful designs while expanding his knowledge of art and culture.

Jody Mier
Born in a haunted naval hospital, Jody grew up on the wrong-side of the “cool” tracks and suffered awful perms and ugly glasses. Accepting her dark-affliction, she has grown to love cheese (the dairy kind as well as the humor kind). Jody can be found practicing her eavesdropping skills or having serious conversations of things she should have said when she had the chance (of course in her head).

Mariah Taylor
Mariah is an aspiring artist and writer who currently lives in Denver. Her creative work explores the vast grey areas of human nature and most of her inspiration is found in fellow, working-class Americans.